Tuesday, 16 November 2010

So busy..

What means I wont have the time to post in the upcoming days.
In stead, a picture of what I already have "achieved", as far as you can call huge fat legs which are a bit less fatter than before an achievement.
I'll try and blog ASAP,

Love. x


  1. Your legs are beautiful :) They're so thin! I know you wont believe me but honestly, they are.

  2. you have lovely legs!! seriously :) x

  3. You have nice legs! :) Love them! :) xx

  4. i am jealous of your legs!

  5. My goodness, pretty lady! Check out those gams!! Gams=wicked old word for hot legs ;)

    I'm jealous and soooo happy for you! Stay Strong!


  6. Ah I love love love you. You are exceptionally strong willed, you know that. Reading your posts reminds me of me a year ago - damn determined! I'm glad, beacause you make me want to get back to that so bad :)
    Your legs are INCREDIBLE. love it. (If you could see mine you'd cry in despair for me, seriously, twice the size!)

    And about the boys. Fuck. I mean... I'm someone who... well lets just say 95% of my life is and has been revolving around one guy or another - whether they were in love with me or not. And you know I put myself through hell and killed myself for men who didn't love me and didn't care about me. Once you are pretty... beware, that's all they see sometimes... I learnt the hard way.
    And yeah, I used to be the same - there's so many girls, fatter, plainer than me even who have boyfriends who love them - so why am I so unlovable?! But you know, most people in the world settle for average and less than average. There are guys that would love to be with me... but I don't think they're good enough (I'm a bitch). And you know what, I think you're the same, why settle for some average Joe on your street - clearly MR Perfect isn't on your radar yet - but when he is, both you and he will know about it.
    In short, don't stress or waste your time on men - they are pretty much all idiots anyway, save yourself for the one who realises how excpetionally beautiful you are and is falling over himself to get you for himself. He'll come :)

    Ophelia xx

  7. I meant to say also thank you for the last comment, meant a lot to have your words of support x

  8. You have gorgeous legs!
    Take care