Monday, 4 October 2010

Falling apart

Everything's just too much right now. I'm reading all of your blogs but I am failing myself.
Gained 2.2 kilograms = about 46 kilograms again.
Ate four chocolate chip cookies today, please kill me.

My brother got kicked out, I got major rejected and my mum is possibly not going to come home tonight and it's just tearing me apart because I've been trying to be perfect but the whole thing at home is now jut fucked up.
I really just don't feel okay, and I don't wanna blog anything unless it's positive so I might wait a few days to get back to you lot.

M sorry my dearests.

Love, x


  1. Don't be sorry x you have nothng to be sorry for, we all slip up from time to time, we are only human. You've come so far, and you should be proud of yourself, most people would hav given up ages ago, but you havn't because your strong, and you will get through x

  2. please feel better soon. i'm sorry that there's so much stress in your life right now and am hoping with all my heart that things get better for you. stay strong beautiful xx

  3. take your time.
    sort things out for youself.
    look after you.
    you deserve to be cared for.