Friday, 7 May 2010

The way the world works.

S U C K S'

thanks for my mother making me realize I am a fat nothing, that I can't do a thing, that I am a worthless piece of sh.t.

Hope the whore doesn't expect that I will touch any food today.

Grounded for not reacting on her insults, I remained quiet and calm. Didn't say a thing, just concentrated on cleaning my room as she ordered me to do so, so now I can't see my boyfriend.

I can really use some love right now, even though I know she's right, it hurts so much right now. My mother has always had her bad months, but I thought things were going okay again.
Guess not.

Alright she ordered me around to clean up my sister her room...

Crap blog, 'm sorry.

Much love,



  1. You aren't a fat nothing. I repeat; you are NOT a fat nothing!! You are so many bloggers real-life thinspo, well...mine at least.

    Stay strong! You can do it!


  2. I agree with Lexie. And my mother is like that too, (if not worse). I woudnt worry, they are going through menapause after all. Just smile, and she'll see that when she say's stuff like that, it only reflects HER OWN insecurity's about her body...

    You just keep your head up high beautiful!

  3. you are NOT NOT NOT a fat nothing.
    my mum get can like that when she gets angry, she starts shouting the most horrible things and i'm left curled up in a corner wishing to disappear.
    stay strong, don't believe what she says.