Saturday, 23 January 2010

Me against the world pt 1.

Living life cant be easy, every road will have his bumps and all the good things will come to an end.

But what do you do, when it seems like you're fighting, and the whole world seems to be against you? When your best friends turn their backs on you, when your family abandons you and when your body is aching all around?
You keep fighting and you will find a reason to keep fighting. You will commit to something and you will stick with it; because after all, it's all you've got left.

That's when Ana came into my life; she was there, a lifesaver at the time as she was the one thing that just kept me going through any other day.
She still is; as my best friend seems to hate me as she has kicked me out of her life.
As my mother keeps forcing me to eat, and when I refuse she will do anything to make me eat. When every part of my body doesn't seem to work well, there is my commitment in life that keeps me going. Being pretty, being thin.
Being everything I am not.

But I will be. One day; I will be perfect.



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