Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Battle Studies

As I am racing towards the finish of my life nothing seems to matter any more. Nothing seems to bother me any more, even the hunger and the dizziness that usually bothers me as soon as I stopped eating is something I can't care less about as there are only a few things that keeps occupying my mind;

Would anyone like me this fat?
Why can't I be good enough for my family, friends, good enough to have a boyfriend?
Why does everyone around me seem to be stunning in their own personal way, while all I do is disgust myself every time I look in the mirror?

Crying seems to be worthless now, the one thing I have to be is be strong.
Length: 161 centimeters.
Weight: 48 kilograms.
Stomach: Chubby and making me look like I am pregnant.
Arms and legs: Wobbly from all the fat.

A life isn't worth living without goals, a thing you have to work for or where you will be able to look forward to.
At this moment, I only have one goal in mind.

Lose at least 10 kilograms before my birthday.

Kilograms lost: 0
Kilograms left: 10
Days left: 50

-Sounds easy now I am reading the facts as I am writing this down, but fact is; I will be struggling. I will have to force myself through things.

Hopefully, this will help me to reach my goal.

Much love,

A. Stone